Vintage french stoneware

  • TMIR000598 Vintage French Stoneware Mixing Bowl

    A simple vintage French Stoneware mixing bowl. In a biscuit colour with a caramel coloured band at the rim, this piece is glazed internally and on the external rim. The remaining outer body has a pleasing matte texture. `In great condition for its age, it will make for a wonderful piece of serveware or as a decorative piece in a contemporary rustic interior.

    TMIR000598 H22cm, W21.5cm (top), 11.5cm (base) £30

    TMIR000599 A Set of 2 Vintage French Stoneware Bowls

    A pair of vintage French Stoneware bowls, made by the celebrated company Gien. The external is left with the natural texture and finished with a caramel band whilst the interior is glazed clear. They are in excellent condition for their age, showing little signs of usage.

    TMIR000599 H7cm, W14.5cm (top), 9cm (base) £30