1890’s Seven-part Wissembourg jumping jack

SKU: TMIR000304
  • Stunning 1890s Seven-part Wissembourg jumping jack


    1890. Seven-part jumping jack. Stencil-coloured lithograph printed by Wissembourg, Burckardts Nachfolger. Famed for their lithographs of the period.


    A large, exceptional Wissembourg jumping jack, this is the caricature of a jester. Audiences delighted in pulling the string and making the figure "jump". This is a beautiful survivor



    It is striking. Litho design ref Number :-1423 The colour is beautifully fresh for the age.


    Annotated on bottom right “m Imagerie alsacienne R Ackermann Wissembourg succr. De F.C. Wentzel



    W: 17in

    D: 26in



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