Antique Primitive Wooden Dough Board 19th Century

  • Antique Primitive Wooden Dough Board 19th Century 

    These very old pine dough boards are handmade and each is completely individual. In keeping with their rustic past they are well used and show their age in their surface patina. Some have crude hand repairs which only adds to their decorative charm.

    Perfect for serving food or as a decorative piece in a contemporary rustic interior.

    A (Back left) Large rectangle 81cm x 49cm x 2.5cm - £130.00

    B (Back right) Medium rectangle 74cm x 40cm x 2cm - £65.00

    C (Front Left) Medium oval 68 x 44cm x 1cm - £45.00

    D (Front middle) Small oval 60cm x 28cm x 2cm - £65.00

    E (Front Right) Medium rectangle 65cm x 37cm x 2cm - £65.00