Antique Folk Art Painting on Glass. Transylvania Early 20th Century

  • A collection of reverse painted religious scenes on glass, early 20th century. This typical rural artform mimicked the content of sober German prints, painted on to thin sheets of glass and placed in simple pine wood frames, sometimes stained or decorated. The resulting work, with its naivety of hand and abundance of vivid colour, is both decorative and joyful.

    TMIR000692A - Saint and Child. Dimensions 44cm x 32cm . £120

    TMIR000692B - Mother and Child in a Garden. Dimensions 45cm x 34cm. £120

    TMIR000692C - Woman. Dimensions 45cm x 36cm. £120

    TMIR000692D - Religious Scene . Dimensions 42.5cm x 30cm . £120

    TMIR000692E - Religious scene. Dimensions 43cm x 32cm. £120