An antique silver Italian Ex voto of eyes

  • An antique silver Italian Ex voto of eyes

    These are antique silver religious offering from Naples known as an ex voto. They were bought by penitents (people petitioning god and saints) too aid with pregnancy and to cure all sorts of ailments. In this case issues relating to sight. After the ailment abated or the desire was requested the silver object was donated to the church as a thanksgiving.

    The ex voto is circa 1870. We also have other pieces of various shapes, which make a beautiful set. If you are interested in more than one please contact us for a price.

    It is in overall great condition. Beautifully worked by artisans who once made a living purely from making these offerings for the church.

    This is for one Ex Voto.

    Ornate Eyes 14cm TMIR000726A- £75

    Extra Large Ornate Eyes 21cm TMIR000726B - £95

    Small Simple Eyes 8cm TMIR000726C - £65

    Medium Simple Eyes 11cm TMIR000726D - £75

    Ornate Eyes With Flowers 13cm TMIR000726E - Sold

    Ornate Eyes With Paisley 13cm TMIR000726F - £85